Top 3 High Paying Real Estate Job


The Real Estate job is an interesting and a skilled one. The agents must first understand the statistics of the actual estate market they are working. They must know at what prices the property or the land is worth at the current time. Sometimes there might be issues with the buying and selling. Even when the agents tell the clients the correct prices, the customers might not be satisfied with what the agent or the company is telling them, so the real estate agent has to go through lengthy negotiations and convince the clients to buy or sell the property.

High Paying Real Estate Job

The business has come to its peak, and many people buy and sell properties and make money out of it. Individuals who are not aware of what to buy and what to sell approach real estate agents or brokers who assist them in what property to buy and sell. These agent and brokers make a lot of money out of this.

The sales representatives make the highest money which is about $66,790 followed by the real estate agent who makes about $58,410 then the customer service representatives who make about $33,395 and finally the retail sales person who makes about $26,340.

The following are the most highly paid real estate jobs:

  • Appraisal Manager.
  • Sales representatives.
  • Real Estate agent.
  • Lease manager.

Appraisal Manager:

The Appraisal Manager is the person who determines the value of the property. His primary job is to study and analyze the property by getting to know the history of the property, the loan amount and how much the property will be worth in the future. These appraisal managers are usually hired by the banks and real estate companies to determine the values of the property. The average salary is around $49,540, and the maximum salary Appraisal Manager gets around $101,200.

Sales representatives:

The Sales representatives are the people who sell properties and services to the clients. The sales representatives need to understand the concept of marketing and convince customers to buy their assets. Even during difficult negotiations, the sales representative must handle the situation correctly.

The Sales representatives get paid around $55,200 to $66,790. To become a sales representative, you must be good at talking to people and convincing them to buy the property.

Real Estate agent:

The Real Estate agent make money from the commissions they get from helping a client in buying or selling a property. The salary of the real estate agent might depend on the location of the ownership. If the area is a high demand zone, then the agents get more commission. The average salary of a real estate agent is around $39,100, and the highest paid salary is around $95,431.

Lease manager:

A contract manager is a person who works for an individual or a bank or a company who has invested in a lot of real estates and does not have the required time to manage the property which they have bought. So a lease manager is hired and asked to maintain the property.